August 31, 2010

Question of the day for Parents:

What would you like your third grader to learn this school year?



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    Taryn said,

    I would love my 3rd grader (Shelby) to become closer with God. I am so excited for her to broaden her knowledge in Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading, and definitely Art. I am so proud and happy for her! I know she will learn so much having such an AWESOME teacher!!! GOOD LUCK 3RD GRADE!!!!!

  2. 2

    Susan said,

    I would like Emily to continue to grow in God’s love and to learn all that her wonderful teacher has to show her this year!

  3. 3

    Lisa said,

    I would hope that Elijah would contiue his walk with God and their relationship would stregthen this year. I look forward to him gaining knowledge but also broadening his friendships. His humor may get him into trouble, but I hope it is also appreciated :) I think that the humor of his teacher may suprise him :) in a good way of course :) May God bless these 3rd graders and teacher this year!

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    Kathy Blumentritt said,

    I hope Max learn’s God’s love for him, and trusts in God to show Max how wonderful God made him.

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    Chris Trowbridge said,

    I hope Jackson will learn to make friends, along with the simple lesson that to make a friend one simply needs to be a friend. I also hope he will learn from watching Mrs Blystone that a good sense of humor is very useful for a leader to have.

    Strengthening his math and science skills would also be good!

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    Mollie Krider said,

    We would love for Carlie to continue to try her best and grow in self-confidence. Of course, there are the normal things such as Math, Science, Reading, etc. We can’t wait to hear all about the new things she learns. She has already learned so many Bible stories, but there are many more for her to hear about! We hope that hearing them helps her to remember how much God loves her!

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    Samantha said,

    I would like Gabby (and all the third graders) to begin learning how to be a good friend and to really understand what it means to treat others the way you want to be treated – or luv2luv ;-) Being able to do math without counting on her fingers would be awesome too!

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    Kris said,

    We would like Kenzie to learn even more about how much God loves her and grow even stronger in her faith. I can’t wait for her to learn cursive letters.
    I would like her confidence in herself to grow strong and for her friendships to grow deeper.

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    Craig and Vanessa said,

    We would like Olivia to continue to learn and grow in her knowledge of God an the world so she can fully experience the beauty, peace, and joy that they offer in her future. As other parents have said, we also wish that her self confidence grows and that she learns what true friendship is. But most of all we just hope that she has fun this year and we look forward to the beautiful recorder music that we will hear this year.

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    Shelley said,

    We would like Matthew to continue his walk with Jesus and learn more and more about God’s love and plan for him. I would like him to have fun while he’s learning, which I know Mrs. Blystone is capable of making happen!

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    Faith Brummet said,

    Larry and I would like Sarah to continue to grow in her love and faith in God, to continue to be a friend to all and to learn all she can to be the best student she can be. We want her to have fun but know that there is a time to learn and a time to have fun. Most of all to “Luv2Luv”!

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    Carol said,

    I would love my grandson Kaleb to continue to grow with God into the wonderful child he has become at Trinity. I would also like for him to continue to develop his friendships there. I would like him to continue to enjoy school and learning new things.

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    Ryan Leniski said,

    Brendan, you are off to a great start! We want to see you grow in the body, mind and spirit troughout this school year. You are surrounded by a great class lead by a great teacher that has your best interests in mind. Mom and I are blessed to have such a wonderful child… Keep working hard and good things will happen.. Your going to do great things!!

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