April 28, 2010

HI friends– sorry it has been so long since we have blogged.  We have been working really hard in to get ready for fourth grade.  We have been learning about cause and effect, multication facts and a lot of other stuff.  We are really working on our 6 facts this week.  We have are also working on getting ready for Field Day in Bremen on May 12.  We compete against other Lutheran School in field day events like 50, 75 meter run, obstacle race, jump rope, relay races, soccer drible and other events.  It is a lot of fun.

Robert and Nathanael

ps.  Hi dad i hope you are safe in Cairo.


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    Jeff Schrock said,

    Salem Al lakem!

    I am safe in Cairo.

    Last week I went to Sharm El Sheik. It is a resort area in southern Egypt. If you look on the map it is just south of Mt Sinai!! We didn’t get to hike up the mountain, but we could see lots of mountains all around us. It was much hotter there than in Cairo.

    We went snorkeling! We saw lots of fish and coral. I have a pretty bad sun burn that is begining to peel :(.

    May 14th we are going to see a show in Giza. That is where the pyramids are, and the sphynx!

    I will be home on May 20th! I am looking forward to seeing Roberts baseball games!

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