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March 2, 2010

Today was spirit day at school. We showed our school pride by wearing our school colors blue and yellow.   Each class made up a cheer and our principal came around to each classroom and watched.  She said the class with the most school pride would  win cookies from Adam’s Bakery.  We thought we won but we didn’t.  First grade won got  the cookie prize . Second and third had a tie for second place and we won cheer megaphones.  Also –People from Camp lutherhaven came to tell us about camp  life and we sang fun songs.   It was a fun day!!!!      



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March 1, 2010

Monday was comfy cozy day. We got to wear anything that was comfy. We got to bring in stuff animals and pillows. We got to see Swoop, the Silverhawks mascot! We also got to see Clifford, you know Clifford the big red dog! Robert brought the 39 clues #1. Camille brought in a book called ” Stay out of the Basement”, its a GooseBumps book. We don’t know what the other people brought in. We got to read the books alot. We had extra extra reading time.  We even got to read in the hallways and other classrooms.  Comfy cozy day was really fun!!

by: Camille, and Robert

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