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February 11, 2010

Today we went on a field trip to see our classmate Jemmia in a play called Jane Eyre.  Jemmia was good.  Her father directed the music and he was good too.  We liked it but our mom’s really liked it.  It was a love story and it was 3 hours long.  Then we went to McDonald’s to eat lunch.  That was Fun and good.  When we got back to school we had Valentine Party.  Then we had cookies and cupcakes.  Then we went to the pep rally.  It was a really fun day!!!  At the pep rally the call with the most spirit won a “Sprirt stick” for the year.  We lost.  6th and 4th graders made it to the finals with the 6th graders winning.  Then we got ready for our long weekend!

Bailey and Margaret B.


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Time Traveling

Video: We time travel and visit these Famous Americans.

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