November 24, 2009

Today Mrs. Brown came to read a book about pilgrims and Thanks giving.   While she read their was a CD of Thanksgiving hymns playing in the background.  Today we got a new wrap up.  We are learning our seven multiplication facts.  Jack and I did better well at them.  We had centers and we worked on our Native American slide shows.  That was fun.  We played addition and subtraction bingo.  That was alot of fun.  We wrapped upour day in the library.  I am reading Captin Underpants.  It is a funny book.  Jack is reading Magic treehouse book.   Please say a prayer for Noah’s family as he passed away yesterday.


your friends,

Jack and Andrew


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  1. 1

    jacksteele said,

    I like 7x facts they are fun.

  2. 2

    Pierce said,

    I liked the thanksgiving book

  3. 3

    Pierce said,

    I dident like the new wrapup.

  4. 4

    lauras1 said,

    Can’t wait to see your Native American slide shows! Which tribes are you studying? –Mrs. Sill

  5. 5

    bailey said,

    I dont like 7x thay are hard im not kidding

  6. 6

    robert said,

    I LOVE 7 WRAPUPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOT KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 7

    Nathanael said,


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