November 4, 2009

Today our teacher Mrs. Blystone was not at school.   We thought we were going to party all day but our sub, Mrs. Stauffer put a stop to that.  She put us to work. We did math,science spelling and handwriting. Then we went to gym. In gym we played clean up your room.  It is kind of like dodgeball but instead of throwing the ball we kicked the ball. We had to get all the balls on the other side of the gym.  It was fun! We also learned what the smudge in math means.   One of the numbers in our math problem would be smudged and we had to figure out what the number was.  I liked it. In art we made a drew a big picture of random things and put smaller pictures around it.  We had a good day with Mrs. Stauffer.  Maybe we missed our teacher just a little bit.



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    Nathanael said,

    We got ALOT of CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Nathanael

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    Anonymous said,

    I am glad to hear you got to learn, I can tell because you have explained your day very well. I wonder what strategies you used to work out the smudge? It sounds like a fun game that I’ll try with my class.

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    Greg Stevens said,

    Great post about your day at school. If I thought my students would blog and be so productive in my absence, then I would be sick more often.

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