Thursday, October 1, 2009

Today we started math really early.  We learned how to read numbers that are written out.   Like two hundred ninety-five uses the digits 295.  We went to the library and worked with Mrs. Sill on how to use a dictionary.  She was a good teacher.  We learned how landfills have plastic barriers to stop the leachate(harmful liquids) from going into the ground water.  We drink ground water.  We did lots of partner work today.  I like partner work.  We had fun in the computer lab playing Quia.  Today everyone who got their September AR goal go to go to the Prize Box.  I got to go!  I got a pencil sharpener and I really like it.  I hope i reach my October goal.

From Andrew S


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    Nathanael said,

    I love partern work alot.
    Hi Andrew.

    From Nathanael

  2. 2

    Mr. Sill said,


    Looks like I posted a comment to the wrong message. :( I’m glad you and your class learned lots today. Keep up the good work.

  3. 3

    :) said,

    Hey everybody! Natalie

  4. 4

    Andrew S said,

    I bloged to my self.

    Andrew S

  5. 5

    Grandma "J" said,

    Andrew, I’m not certain I am doing this correctly. I need you to help me !! I loved hearing aboout your day. We are looking forward to grandparents day and visiting you and Natalie and your Mom and Dad. L Grandma “J”

  6. 6

    Grandpa "J" said,

    Sounds like all is going well at school. Grandma & I are looking forward to our visit later this month. How about the Wisconsin Badgers! Too bad Notre Dame is afraid to schedule a game with them. Love, Grandpa

  7. 7

    Nathanael said,

    Notre dame is not scared the badgers should be afrid!!!

    From Nathanael
    P.S Notre Dame Rules!!!!!!!! We are Number 1!!!

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