Monday, September 21, 2009

Good Monday to Everyone.  Today we had a spelling pretest over our new words for the week.  Then we had a lot of work to do with Math. Some of us liked Math.  We learned how to divide a circle and a square into thirds. In Gym class we practiced our routines and video taped them with the music.  We can’t wait to show our parents our exercise routines.  Today at recess there was a fun soccer game.  In Religion class we learned about how God helped the people when Moses led them out of Egypt.  

Have a good night.

Brendon k


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    Pierce said,

    I liked the excersize routine, Brendon.

  2. 2

    evan said,

    I LOVE MATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEACE LOVE PINEAPPLES! Sincerly,evan ;)

  3. 3

    Nathanael's dad said,

    Brendon, I think learning how to divide circles and squares is great. When I was a teenager, I tried ordering a pizza with toppings divided into 8 pieces. The pizza company wouldn’t do it. Guess they needed to be in your 3rd grade class!

    – Mr. Ganger

  4. 4

    nathanael said,

    Hi Brendon I like that you are in my class.
    Math is BORING!!!!

    from nathanael
    P.S.Soccer Rules!

  5. 5

    smsprice said,

    Hi Brendan,
    I have a Math question for you. Would you rather have a piece of a candy bar that is divided into thirds or fourths?

    Come tell me your answer!
    Mrs. Price

  6. 6

    Miley Cyrus said,

    Hi its Miley Cyrus. I just wanted you all to have a great day. And do your best at school! From Miley

  7. 7

    Elmo said,

    hi thrid grade it is elmo hope you are having a good day.

    From Elmo

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