Friday, September 18

In music we played our recorders, and we listened to a song. In art class we made a paper quilt to hang up in the hall. We took spelling and reading tests. We also took a math test. We got an extra recess after Mr. Brummet noticed that we were very quiet in our classroom.


We hope that everyone has a great and blessed weekend! See you Monday.    lukas k.


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    teresa said,

    I was very proud of all of my third graders when Mr. Brummet noticed how hard you all were working. Thank you third graders!!

    Love Mrs. Blystone

  2. 2

    Nathanael said,

    Thrid Grade Rocks!!


  3. 3

    Robert said,

    You rock Lukas

  4. 4

    Mickey Mouse said,

    I’m really proud of you kids for being so good you earned an extra recess!! That’s great! Keep up the good work.


  5. 5

    Mom said,

    Nice blog Lukas – I am very happy to hear your class earned an extra recess. Keep up the good behavior ;0)

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