Wednesday, September 16

Sorry we didn’t blog yesterday because we had a busy day.  Yesterday we wrote letters to a our trucker buddy, Andy.  This morning we said memory.  We had to say 2 verses , it was easy.  Then we did spelling it was easy.  Next we read in our Social Studies books about different landforms.  Then we went to gym and worked on our workout routine that we are doing in groups.  We got to pick out the music to go along with the routine.  My group chose the  YMCA song.  It was fun!  Then we had lunch and recesses.  Then we had religion class.  We learned about Moses.  We had reading groups next.  We learned about the history of basketball and learned about the game.  We also learned about subjects and predicate.  Mrs. Ganger came in to read at the end of the day.  We started a new book. It is a mystery book.

seth g



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    Nathanael said,

    I like mystery books.
    Gym was really fun .
    This blog thing is cool.
    Basketball Rocks!

    From Nathanael

    3rd Grade Rules!!

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    Robert said,

    that’s long

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