Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Welcome back after a long weekend.  I hope you had a good Labor Day.  Sorry we didn’t blog on Friday because Mr. Schneider was putting are smartboard projector on the wall.   Thank you Mr. Schneider!!!  We can’t wait to use the smartboard.  It will be on for back to school night for the first time.  We are happy that some of you will be visiting our classroom tonight.  Make sure you check out our menus and the estimation table.  After you find you child’s desk then look inside for a special note.  I wonder what the blue tickets are for tonight.  Come and find out.

rock on,



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    jemmia said,

    Hello Robert, nice blog you wrote there. I hope next time I get to blog. Thank you for being in my class. You are my best friend. I like you being by me and by my desk before we moved our desk for after school night. I hope we a great year with Mrs. Blystone and all of our friends. Bye Robert…you rock

  2. 2

    Nathanael said,

    You Rock Robert!!!
    P.S I wonder when it will be my turn?

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