Thursday, September 3

Hello Friends and Family,

Today we finshed our menu about foods from other countries.  Look on Flicker to see some pictures.  We watched a movie about Noah and his family during religion time.  Lots of us took AR tests at the end of the day.  There line for the computers.  A good thing that happen was that I won estimation today.  I guessed that there were 40 q-tips in the bag and there was actually 42.  I won a skittle !  The end!



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    Nathanael said,

    I like making the menus .

  2. 2

    bailey said,

    i am gonna miss school

  3. 3

    bailey said,

    i love you in my class margaret i finsh my manyou to

  4. 4

    Hannah Banana said,

    Hello. Margaret – that was a good blog. My Mom and I read it together with my Grandma and Papa and sister – Makenna. Have fun at school on Friday.

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