Tuesday, August 26

Sorry we didn’t Blog yesterday.  We went to the library at the end of the day. 

Today was the best day ever!!  We had fun doing math and recess.  Today we had gym and we got to change into our new uniforms.  It was fun going into the locker room.  It was scary changing in front of other boys.  Then i said, “I don’t care, these boys are my friends”.  Mrs. Blystone made us run for our lives in gym class.  We were tired.  We wanted to rest for a month but she wouldn’t let us.  Then we pouted and she made us run some more.  It was fun anyways!

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    Miss Minier said,

    Hello 3rd Grade!
    I think I saw you doing the crab walk today in gym. Was that fun? Keep running! It will help you stay healthy and strong.
    Have a super day!
    Miss Minier :)

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    Mrs. Heublein said,

    Dear Third Grade,
    I am glad that you enjoyed math, recess and gym. Have a relaxing evening and great days on Thursday and Friday!

    Peace, Mrs. Heublein

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    Mrs. Sill said,

    jb and 3rd Grade, It was awesome seeing you all in the Library (sorry you missed your blog-time). I know what you mean about pouting around Mrs. Blystone. It hasn’t worked for me either!! ;) Seriously though, I think what it comes down to is that Mrs. Blystone knows all that running is really good for you…and she knows how strong and capable you are!

    Love the blog. Thanks for sharing news from your day! Love, Mrs. Sill

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    Grace said,

    Hi joe.

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