Thursday–August 20

Day Three in Third Grade: 

Dear Parents and Friends,

Thank you Parents for bringing us to third grade.  We started out the day getting wet from the rain but we all made it to our classroom on time.  Mrs. Blystone was happy that we made it on time.  In math we reviewed graphing birthdays and telling time to the half hour.  We began science today.  We did an activity that was fun.  We threw an inflatable globe at each other and we looked to see where our right finger was located.  We looked to see if it was on land or water.  I got to be the recorder for our group.  We found out that there more water than land on Earth.  That’s all. 

by:joseph b


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    Jack Steele said,

    Hi Joseph. This is Jack Steele. I like to read your blogs. It is fun being in class with you. I love 3rd grade. See you soon. Jack

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