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Monday, August 31

Today we had fun at recess.  We had to wear coats and we got hot.  We played Quia in the computer lab.  We also made a picture in computer lab.  We celebrated Grace’s birthday with Smiley cookies.  We got to have an extra recess.  We had a good day.

from Hayden


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Friday, August 28

We survived our first full week of school!!  Yeah!!!!

Today we had lots of tests. We had a spelling test, Math test and then a reading test.  All of them were deadly.  But we all survived!  We went outside and had lemon cookies at the end of the day.  The best part of the day was Art class.  We made buildings for class communtiy project.  Have a good weekend.

your friend, Evan

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Thursday August 27, 2009

Today we have a new Blogger,  my name is Pierce.  Mrs. Blystone has decided that we will have a new blogger everyday.  Today we didn’t have extra recess because we went to the library and computer lab today.  In library we got new books and Mrs. Sill went over rules of the library.  I plan on not breaking any rules.  In computer lab Miss Thompson showed us the new Media Center page.  It has some games and other information to help us learn.  Then some of us got to blog but I didn’t because I couldn’t find it in time.  Have a good day.

From Pierce

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Tuesday, August 26

Sorry we didn’t Blog yesterday.  We went to the library at the end of the day. 

Today was the best day ever!!  We had fun doing math and recess.  Today we had gym and we got to change into our new uniforms.  It was fun going into the locker room.  It was scary changing in front of other boys.  Then i said, “I don’t care, these boys are my friends”.  Mrs. Blystone made us run for our lives in gym class.  We were tired.  We wanted to rest for a month but she wouldn’t let us.  Then we pouted and she made us run some more.  It was fun anyways!

That’s all for today



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Monday 24, 2009

Dear Parents,

Today we reviewed about congruent lines in Math.  Congruent means the same size same shape.  In Social Studies we learned ab out the compass rose , mapkeys, and symbols.  Then we drew maps of our neighborhoods.

That’s all for today.


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Friday, August 21

Dear Parents,

We are happy to be at school again.  We had fun today.  We spent some time with Mrs. Lehner.  We used our imaginations to create pictures out of shapes.  Then we wrote sentences about it.  In social studies we learned about the history of the flag.  We use the Smartboard for the first time.  Mrs.blystone showed how the American flag changed throughout the years.  Today is our first day to take home our Friday folder.  That’s all and have a good weekend.


joseph b

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Thursday–August 20

Day Three in Third Grade: 

Dear Parents and Friends,

Thank you Parents for bringing us to third grade.  We started out the day getting wet from the rain but we all made it to our classroom on time.  Mrs. Blystone was happy that we made it on time.  In math we reviewed graphing birthdays and telling time to the half hour.  We began science today.  We did an activity that was fun.  We threw an inflatable globe at each other and we looked to see where our right finger was located.  We looked to see if it was on land or water.  I got to be the recorder for our group.  We found out that there more water than land on Earth.  That’s all. 

by:joseph b

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